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We all have goals, and to achieve this goal is to struggle with an endless energy. At Eslem Global, we have emerged as a milestone in reaching our goals. Companies that we are affiliated to in Turkey and abroad have gathered together with Eslem Global under a single roof, and thanks to our supervision of products and services of these companies, we have taken the upper levels considering international quality standards. We will continue to do this by combining the advantage of local production with competitive products and services on a global scale through the changing and developing economy of our country and always working to provide the best solutions and products that our customers need. We also contribute to the export of our country's leading textile companies in the sector with the semi-finished textile products by raising the standards of the products. Our landscaping and infrastructure work continues in Turkmenbashi, Ashgabat, Mary, Turkmenabat, Farabi and the Garage zone in Turkmenistan. Throughout Turkmenistan for raising the standard of quality, processing of petrochemical products and the appropriate product consulting determination is provided by our technical team. Kazakhstan's largest city in Almaty and in Astana the new capital which was built from scratch we supply equipments and construction materials giving priority to Turkish made products to construction, petrochemical compaines and wastewater facilities that we have been in cooperation and contribute to the export of our country.

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Tax Office: Beyazıt  Tax Number: 6290476180  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Ömer Faruk ÖZKORUL